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Where it is not practical to visit the design site, perhaps it is remote or maybe still under construction, Hanna’s Home Design offers an alternate design solution – Online Design.

The general design approach is described following the Design Process link. However, in practice there are some subtle differences…

Step 1: Consultation

As it will not be practical to attend onsite, the design consultation will need to take place via alternate means (e.g. phone/email/skype).  This is best achieved if discussions are accompanied by photographs, rough sketches and/or video.  To assist in the process we will provide a design questionnaire which will enable us to better understand the design space.

Hanna’s Home Design will summarise the consultation; where applicable providing design vision scenario’s.  There will be no charge for this initial service – consider it our gift to you. Once you are happy we can progress onto the next step if desired.

Step 2: Visualisation

Visualisation will occur in stages.  The first of which is to produce plans that accurately represent the design space.  For this we request that you supply sketches and measurements.  Don’t worry, nothing too onerous, Hanna’s Home Design can guide you through the process. 

The resulting floorplans will represent a view of the design space.  It is important that you agree them so that we can proceed onto the next stage of the visualisation process.

Armed with this information, Hanna’s Home Design will not just have an accurate overview of the design space (shape/size/function), but most important – your requirements.  Now the creativity can start…
Our designers will set to work exploring colours, textures, furniture and fixtures that complement the design space being created. We will present our design concept allowing you to visualise the space.  Following discussions we can refine the design concept until you are happy with the way the vision is moving.

Step 3: Items & Costs

At each step of the online design process Hanna’s Home Design will provide additional items that make up the Design Pack, the final part of which will be what some would argue is the most important part in the design puzzle  – the costings.

Costs and Suppliers can’t be guaranteed as different dealers may have flash sales at any time.  However, the details will provide you with a reasonable overview of what material costs might be expected.

A typical Design Pack will consist of…

  • Design Brief (from the Consultation).
  • Design Concept (from the Visualisation).
  • 2D Floor Plans (from the Visualisation).
  • Moodboards (from the Visualisation).
  • 3D Image rendering (from the Visualisation).
  • Electrical Layout1 (optional – from the Visualisation).
  • Recommended Items & Costs.

Step 4: The Next Step

  • Hanna’s Home Design are unable to provide implementation consultation for the Online Design process. However, armed with the Design Pack you can be confident in having everything that you require to complete the project successfully.

Whether it’s a calm relaxing space or a wacky fun zone – Hanna’s Home Design will help you to create exactly what you want.

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Floorplan - rough sketch
2D CAD Floorplan
Hand drawn illustration of furniture
Design Concept
3D Renders
Electrical Layout
Recommended Items & Costs
Design Pack
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Electrical Layout Diagrams
1 Electrical Layout Diagrams depict a revised electrical layout (sockets/switches/lights) in terms of design. In all cases implementation must be ratified and performed by a qualified electrician.
Having delivered the Design Consultation and discussed it with you, Hanna's Home Design will provide a guaranteed quotation that will last throughout the duration of the project.