Not knowing where to start when decorating a room can be a bit daunting, there is so much to take into consideration, light, size of space, colours, feel, what you want to use the room for, the list goes on.

The use of colour will be the biggest impact on your room, and if you are not sure how much colour is safe to use before the space can become plain (to little colour) or overpowering (to much or strong colours) might make you a  bit nervous to start the job.  However, to help you get started a good tip is the 60-30-10 Rule.

The 60-30-10 Rule is as follows:-

  • 60% – For the scheme chose one main colour, this is usually used on the walls, floor and large pieces of furniture.
  • 30% – Will be your supporting colour and is typically used for accent walls, furniture, curtains, rugs etc, this colour must complement the main colour.
  • 10% – Is your accent colour generally used for lampshades, artwork, small pieces of furniture, cushions etc. or included in the curtains.  If you would like two accent colours then it would be split 5% each.  These colours need to both complement and contrast the other two colours.  Also if you want to include patterns that include colours outside of the ones you have chosen then don’t worry this will add an extra splash of colour and will not be overpowering the whole scheme.

If you really love one particular colour and would like to use it for all elements of the rule that’s fine, but to stop it being overpowering and being to heavy use different shades of the colour, darker shade on walls, with lighter shade on doors, skirting, floors etc.

If you follow this rule then you should produce a balanced and appealing scheme that you will be proud of.