Armed with the information obtained from the initial Design Consultation; Hanna’s Home Design will have a comprehensive overview of the design space (shape/size/function) and most important – your requirements.  Now the creativity can start…

Our designers will set to work exploring colours, textures, furniture and fixtures that complement the design space being created.  We will present our design concept allowing you to visualise the space.  Following discussion, we will refine the design concept until you are happy with the way the vision is moving.

Hanna’s Home Design add to the Design Pack with some or all of the following…

  • 2D Floor Plans.
  • Moodboards.
  • 3D Image rendering.
  • Sampleboards (optional).
  • Electrical Layout1 (optional).
2D Floorplan
2D Floorplan ...with added furniture layout
Creating 3D renders from 2D plans
Kitchen Perspective
Render Furniture Layout
Electrical Layout
Planning the Interior Design
Selecting Textures
Selecting Fabrics
Enhanced Design Pack
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Electrical Layout Diagrams
1 Electrical Layout Diagrams depict a revised electrical layout (sockets/switches/lights) in terms of design. In all cases implementation must be ratified and performed by a qualified electrician.