Items & Costs

Hanna’s Home Design will provide a comprehensive list of what some would say is the most important part in the design puzzle  – the costings.

Costs and Suppliers can’t be guaranteed as different dealers may have flash sales at any time.  However, the details will provide you with a reasonable overview of what material costs might be expected.

Hanna’s Home Design will add this information to complete the Design Pack, which will consist of…

  • Design Brief (from the Consultation).
  • Design Concept (from the Visualisation).
  • 2D Floor Plans (from the Visualisation).
  • Moodboards (from the Visualisation).
  • 3D Image rendering (from the Visualisation).
  • Electrical Layout (optional – from the Visualisation).
  • Recommended Items & Costs.

The Design Pack will be emailed.

Design Approval
Recommended Items & Costs
Finalised Design Pack
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