The initial Design Consultation is our first introduction – both to the design space and of course to you.  We will take time to discuss your requirements, assess the possibilities of the design space and start forming ideas and possibilities together.

Amongst many things to consider are…

  • What will the design space be used for and by whom? (Children, Adults, animals).
  • What colours do you like/dislike? (these will be taken into consideration when planning colour schemes).
  • Do you wish to remain sympathetic to the original property style?
  • Are you concerned about sustainable/ecological design?
  • Would you like to keep any existing furniture or fittings?

These are a sample of the questions in our design questionnaire; which we will send prior to our meeting.

Hanna’s Home Design will summarise the consultation.  There will be no charge for this initial service1 – consider it our gift to you.

Imagining Possibilities
Forming Ideas
Consultation & Agreement
Beginnings of the Design Pack
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Free Consultations
1 We offer an initial Free onsite consultation (up to 60 minutes). Or you can try our Online Design service.
Having delivered the Design Consultation and discussed it with you, Hanna's Home Design will provide a guaranteed quotation that will last throughout the duration of the project.